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Warning: The next trailer and outline comprise spoilers of Spider-Man: No Means Residence.

After Sony reportedly erased a leaked trailer from its upcoming Disney MCU title Spider-Man: No Means Residence over the weekend from social, these attendees at CinemaCon lastly acquired a style. The pic is scheduled to be the large vacation tentpole launch in a cinema period sans an instantaneous Star Wars film on Dec. 17.

Star Tom Holland posted a message to followers on his Instagram Tales in regards to the trending matter on social media over the weekend saying, “You Ain’t Prepared!”

Sony Movement Image Group Chairman Tom Rothman, who wasn’t scheduled to come back to CinemaCon however determined to interrupt from his trip in Cape Cod as a result of a hurricane, launched the trailer tonight.

Right here’s a few of the issues we noticed from a film which has lengthy been rumored to take advantage of the Sony/Disney/Marvel multi-verse:

It begins with Holland and Zendaya enjoyable on a roof. They’re very a lot in love partially 3 of the Jon Watts-directed title. Physician Unusual, as anticipated, is within the movie. Parker asks Unusual to solid a spell in hopes that your complete world will neglect that Parker is Spider-Man. Issues go sideways. The tampering with house and time results in bending buildings and flipping trains. (No sight of Wanda Maximoff, however WandaVision can be rumored to feed into No Means Residence. It additionally results in the return of Spider-Man’s biggest foes.

We see a telltale flash of sunshine amid a darkish scene, heralding the return of Jamie Foxx’s baddie Electro. There’s a fast reduce to one of many Inexperienced Goblin’s pumpkin bombs tossed onto a freeway as we hear Willem Dafoe’s in-character cackle.

Then, in voiceover we hear Unusual warning, “Watch out what you want for, Parker.” That results in the reappearance of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock who, after all, died in Spider-Man 2.

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