Throughout the Gymnastics and Olympic Diving viewers realized that the judges don’t use slow-motion cameras to evaluation the athletes once they compete. Issues that transfer in quick movement or refined errors that can not be seen in real-time thus, such factors can’t be docked from their scores. Nonetheless, these errors are actual, they did happen and ought to be counted, however usually are not. Why? Easy, as a result of that’s at all times the way it has been accomplished on the Olympics, and but, such excuses appear preposterous on this day and; “We’re doing it this fashion, as a result of that is the best way it has at all times been accomplished!” Seems like a sorry excuse for many who are afraid of change supporting the Standing Quo.

What ought to we do? Properly, first it might be fairer to eliminate the judges all collectively and use a slow-motion optical recognition system to do the judging, the scores will seem sooner and it takes out the human ingredient – the human ingredient of dishonest judges for example. Or what concerning the curse of the fist athlete in competitors, it’s recognized that the judges are extra relaxed in scoring as time goes on within the match thus giving the benefit to the fortunate diver or gymnast who goes final or subsequent to final within the competitors.

You see, the Olympic Video games are about equity – no dishonest, no doping, no interference of different athletes, and within the spirit of that motif of equity, let’s repair an apparent drawback and save the Olympic Committee from embarrassment subsequent time somebody is caught dishonest whether or not it’s a coach, athlete or decide.

Okay so, now that you’re with me on this, here’s what I suggest. Have 100 judges watch gradual movement movies of divers and gymnasts and have them fee these movies and present the place and why they took off factors from an ideal rating, thus they are going to be coaching the substitute clever video optical recognition system for flawless judging.

The viewers at dwelling watching the TV can watch the moment replays and see precisely what the computerized synthetic clever software program decide noticed. There might be fewer disputes and fairer play and the most effective athletes will win and there might be no extra ambiguity within the judging anymore. If I had been a gymnast or diver on the Olympic Degree, I would applaud such a system to render the occasions truthful and I would belief such a system that allowed the very best man or girl to win. Please contemplate all this and suppose on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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