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White Males are the oppressors we’re advised by Social Justice Warriors – however as a white male, I’m not out to oppress anybody. Now if you wish to play sufferer and use that as an excuse – go for it – would not hassle me a lot – however if you wish to accuse me of one thing that’s false, I’m going to name you out on it. Therefore, this right here article – oh, and hold studying as a result of, I have been listening to the Social Justice Warrior BS for lengthy sufficient – and to me it is all nonsense and simply an excuse for not succeeding.

Who stated life was speculated to be straightforward, it wasn’t for me, not in sports activities, enterprise, politics or in my non-profit endeavors, heck again once I was in class, that wasn’t straightforward both, and nobody was making a gift of trophies, certificates or free Pop Tarts and Kool-Aide for mere participation. I suppose now they need free $5.95 Frappachinos with Carmel Drizzle on high.

Now we have a major problem brewing in our society and it’s getting uncontrolled, we now have faculty and college professors lecturing on equality, sustainability, social justice, racism and sure, White Privilege. These identical professors say that President Donald Trump is a wealthy white man and an instance of the issues in America, I suppose this time round they have been considering having a white lady president, for the reason that final Black Male President fell brief, whilst his supporters and educational socialist apologetics tried to safe his legacy.

If the professors in our faculties and universities are 90-95% democrat and proceed to espouse leftist and socialist political viewpoints, then they’re politically bias and dealing for the Democrat Social gathering. Thus, they’re akin to a Tremendous PAC and subsequently, should not obtain any public funding, nor ought to the taxpayer’s bailout the delinquent pupil loans – 47% presently are over 90-days in default, they’re delinquent and within the finance sector must be despatched to assortment and college students must be delivered to court docket. These loans shouldn’t be bailed out by you and I, the residents and taxpayers.

Why ought to we be paying for these professors? The Democrat Social gathering spent practically $2 Billion between the DNC, Clinton Marketing campaign, George Soros, and their Tremendous PACs – so why not pay all of the professors to proceed brain-washing faculty college students to vote for Democrats – why are we the taxpayer’s subsidizing their comfortable jobs, unbelievable advantages and pensions, and now we’re anticipated to bailout the scholar faculty tuition mortgage disaster? I simply do not see why we should always?

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