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Okay, for the reason that first Tremendous Server Merge, Evony drop charges of Medals have all been screwed to hell. Medals are usually not solely wanted to advertise to the next rank, but in addition to rent captured heroes.

  • To get began, you wil want about 30k Archers per Valley that you just plan to farm, and you need to farm a minimum of 4 Valleys at a time, so a spare 120k Archers will do. Additionally, you will want a couple of thousand Warriors, a pair Pikeman and Swordsman, and as much as 20k Cavalry if you happen to resolve to farm the Valleys which have Archers in them.
  • Additionally, you will wish to be certain your Feasting Corridor is FULL whereas Medal Farming, as a result of if you happen to seize a Hero your possibilities of getting a Medal vastly fall.
  • You’ll want to assault each Valley twice, consecutively, even if you happen to get a medal. Valleys are identified to reward Medals one after the opposite, however by no means greater than 2 medals in 6 hours – so if you happen to get 2 medals from a Valley, you possibly can cease hitting that Valley till 6 hours has handed. Should you hit a Valley twice and dont get a medal, wait 1 hour for the Valley troops to Replenish then attempt once more.
  • At all times ship 250-500 warriors together with your assaults on a Valley for Status – Archers price an excessive amount of to ship additional, so keep on with Warriors.

Begin out by scouting all of the Degree 10 Valleys that you just wish to Farm for Medals, I would not exit a lot farther than 15 miles until it’s a must to. Relying on what sort of troops are within the Valley, you’ll Farm with a sure sort of your individual troops to take minimal losses from the Valley. You’ll want to search for Valleys of this kind. Any mixture of the next:

  • Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen
  • Archers Solely
  • Cavalry with as much as 3 different Troop Varieties, excluding Archers (Archers and Cavalry give too many losses to Farm)

Relying on what Troops the Valley holds, you need to assault with the next:

Valley Troops – Warriors/Pikeman/Swordsmen Assault to Ship – 25k Archers

Valley Troops – Archers Solely Assault to Ship – Equal Cavalry (Identical as Archers)

Valley Troops – Cavalry Solely Assault to Ship – 15k Archers, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 1 Ballista

Valley Troops – Cavalry with 2 different Troops Assault to Ship – 30k Archers, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 1 Ballista

Valley Troops – Cavalry with 3 different Troops Assault to Ship – 30k Archers, 3k Warriors, 10 Pikeman, 10 Swordsman, 100 Ballista

(Word: Justice and Nation Medals CAN be obtained from Degree 9 Velleys as properly) – July twelfth 2011)

The place to search out your medals (This will not be 100% correct)

Cross: All over the place – primarily grasslands

Rose: Degree 10 Flats primarily

Lion: Degree 10 Hills Honor: Degree 10 Forests

Freedom: Uncertain

Knowledge: Uncertain

Braveness: All over the place

Nation: Degree 10 Hills

Justice: Degree 10 Swamps and Deserts

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