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Among the most costly components to switch on a Land Rover Freelander are within the drive practice – the IRD unit (switch field), rear differential and gearbox. So why would you danger damaging any, or all of those components? In case your viscous coupling unit (VCU) has previous its useable life then as a substitute of paying out for a alternative viscous coupling unit (VCU) you could possibly be spending hundreds on ALSO changing the IRD unit (switch field), the rear differential and probably even the gearbox.

The viscous coupling unit of a Land Rover Freelander is a sealed unit positioned within the centre of the prop shaft. Contained in the unit is a viscous fluid. Over time this fluid will get thick – a lot as your engine oil would – and ultimately causes the prop shaft to rotate at a slower pace than is required. You may inform when you’ve reached this level as your Freelander will really feel as if it’s holding again on you, particularly when turning on full lock – however do not wait this lengthy, by then you could have already achieved costly harm!

The issue with the viscous coupling unit (VCU) is that it’s a sealed unit, so you can not test the situation of the viscous fluid inside it. There are a variety of exams that individuals say will take a look at in case your fluid has had it, however none of those are actually dependable.

The viscous coupling unit (VCU) has a life span of about 70,000 miles – after this time you’re dicing with, not demise, however very massive payments!

So why must you not purchase a used viscous coupling unit (VCU)? Nicely, just because you haven’t any concept as to the situation of the viscous fluid inside it, as a result of typically you haven’t any concept of the mileage it has achieved. So how will you recognize when to vary it? How will you shield your self from these massive payments? You may’t!

When you’ve got been unlucky sufficient to undergo from a broken IRD unit (switch field) or rear differential was your mileage over 70,000 miles? Had your viscous coupling unit (VCU) been changed beforehand? In case your mileage was over 70,000 miles and also you by no means changed your viscous coupling unit (VCU) then this can typically have been the reason for your empty pockets! And if you happen to nonetheless do not change your viscous coupling unit (VCU) and match a brand new IRD unit (switch field) or rear differential, then it’s nearly sure the identical factor will quickly occur once more!

The bottom line is to at all times purchase a brand new or reconditioned viscous coupling unit (VCU) which has had the viscous fluid changed. This fashion you recognize you’ve one other 70,000 miles of carefree motoring with out having to fret about damaging your costly drive practice.

So, no matter you do, DO NOT purchase a used viscous coupling unit (VCU) in your Land Rover Freelander simply to save lots of just a few kilos – it might change into the most costly saving you’ve got ever made!

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